Maintenance Courses

If you know a group of people that are interested in learning how to fix a puncture, change brake pads, replace a gear cable or any other mechanical task, we'd love to be the one's that teach them how. Getting people to service their own bike, with the guidance of a professional mechanic, is the best way to install practical knowledge that will last. We're confident in saying we're a million times more effective than YouTube.  These courses directly promote cycling and empower people to ride their bike more often, enriching the experience of cycling in Perth. Below are some of the most common courses that we run. If you're interested, please get in touch and we'll send you through pricing and descriptions of all our courses. 


Puncture Repair

One of the biggest fears for people riding is getting a puncture. In our 1 hour course you will learn how to remove the wheels from a bike, repair a puncture and replace it. After this session the next time you get a puncture, you'll be back on your way in no time! 


Basic Maintenance 2

A hands on 2.5 hour session focused on more complex maintenance and fine tuning of gears. Participants will learn about all the elements that go into making your bike shift smoothly. BYO bike and BikeDr will provide the rest.  (BM1 pre-requisite). 


Bike Transit 101

A fun and engaging demonstration based session designed to inspire and motivate participants to cycle, as well as remove perceived and real barriers to bike riding. Includes showcase of cycling equipment and tips and tricks for easy commuting. Suitable for corporate environments. 

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